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Baan Xavier Catholic Church Victory Monument Bangkok

About Our Apostolates


  • Our main chapel is not a parish, but rather a “public oratory” approved by the Archbishop of Bangkok, to provide daily and especially Sunday Mass for those who either live in our area of Bangkok or can easily get to our place. Many come because of the simple but dignified liturgies.
  • The oldest work at Xavier Hall is surely the Catholic University Students. In one form or another, and under the leadership of several Jesuits down through our history, this has been one of our major concerns: care and formation for the Catholic students who have the incalculable opportunities of advanced education. 
  • The Jesuit Social Services (JESS) was started by Fr. Alfonso de Juan August 1, 1994, . This work serves a great multitude of people, ranging from children with HIV, orphans, providing occupation-training for young girls, educational scholarships, printing and distributing books in ethnic languages, etc. 
  • The Jesuit Prison Ministry, began by Fr. Olivier Morin in 1991, has a dedicated team of lay men and women (full-time) who visit the major prisons in Bangkok and vicinity, endeavoring to contact especially those who have no family or friends who can support them emotionally and spiritually. Ms. Vilaiwan Phokthavi is the current director of this ministry. 
  • Jesuit Refugee Service (Asia/Pacific & Thailand) has its regional and country offices and staff located inside Xavier Hall. JRS began in Thailand in 1980, during the horrors of the Khmer genocide, and since that beginning, JRS has expanded to accompany, serve, and advocate for refugees and displaced persons all over the world. 






Ref: Jesuits in Thailand Website




History of Xavier Hall Catholic Church

The evening of November 17, 1954, Fr. Pietro Cerutti, S.J. arrived in Klongtoei, the harbor of Bangkok.


On January 3, 1955 they [Fr. Pietro Cerutti & Fr. Joseph Donohue] moved to 14/7 Rajaprarob Road, a small, wooden two story house, which they rented for one year….

On January 24, 1955 the third member of the community arrived, Fr. Georges Marin, and on April 2nd, the fourth, Fr. Alfred Bonningue. Later on, after Fr. Eugene Denis arrived at the end of 1955, he and almost all those who followed for the next six to seven years went to study the language at Assumption School of the Brothers of St. Gabriel in Sriracha.

At the end of 1955 a larger house was rented at 131 Rajadamri Lane, Rajadamri Road, near the Rajaprasong Crossing. The compound was about 3,000 square meters.

บ้านเซเวียร์ 6บ้านเซเวียร์ 8

After a long search, around Easter of 1958 it was agreed that land near the Victory Monument by the Samsen Canal was by far the most convenient. On April 12th the purchase contract was signed. The community moved to the new location on December 20, 1958, calling their new site, “Xavier Hall”, in honor of the great missionary of Asia, St. Francis Xavier.

XH-chapel-old 1965

On Sunday March 5, 1972 when Archbishop Nitayo, presiding at a concelebrated Mass with two other bishops and the Fathers of the Community, in the presence of the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio and a congregation of more than 1000 people, consecrated the beautiful new church of Xavier Hall, we began having four Masses every Sunday and daily Masses for the people.

โบสถ์ บ้านเซเวียร์โบสถ์ บ้านเซเวียร์1

Xavier Hall, Bangkok is the first house of the Jesuits in Thailand. Today, after more than 50 years at the present site (since 1958), Xavier Hall is the center for a kaleidoscope of activities and ministries.

At the moment, there are seven priests and six brothers staying and working at Xavier Hall:



Fr. Beda Yassao, S.J.

Fr. Manasan Wongvarn, S.J.

Fr. Kriengyot Piyawanno, S.J.

Fr. Vichai Phokthavi, S.J.

Fr. Alfonso de Juan, S.J.

Fr. Sigmund Laschenski, S.J.

Fr. Bambang A. Sipayung, S.J.

Brothers (Scholastics)


Br. Pham Ngo Hoang Dung

Br. Nguyen Van Luong